Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 5

DAY # 5 – TIP # 5

Round-up Your Pens and Pencils

I bet you have at least one drawer, box or pen/pencil container that is filled to the brim. I had a small desk drawer, and a plastic garden container that were overflowing with pens and colored pencils. During the past couple of weeks, as I purged my office of extra stuff, I gave some pens to my housemate, gave lots of pens and pencils to Goodwill, and trashed the pens that were out of ink. I kept the some of the pens I liked that still worked. I saved some of the colored pencils for artwork.

If you do harbor many of these writing utensils, gather them all in one spot. Test them, and if they don’t work, throw them out. Sharpen all pencils. Toss all pencil stubs. If there are pens that still write that you don’t use, give them away. Keep pencils in one container and pens in another. Label each container so you don’t mix them up.

How many pens and pencils did you find in your home?  Were you willing to give some away and toss the non-working ones?

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