Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 6


Errand box

DAY # 6 – TIP # 6

Create an Errand Box

You, like me, may make a list of errands you need to do.  Or, you may intend to take an item with you that you plan to use elsewhere, but get busy with other things and don’t follow through. Like me intending to bring my digital camera to an organizing client’s session yesterday, and didn’t. If, I’d remembered to put it into my  errand box, I would have had it when I needed it. I used my iPhone instead, but prefer using my digital camera.

So, here’s the tip:

Place a container or basket by the front or back door (whichever one you enter and exit from most frequently). Place items that you’ve purchased or borrowed into the container that need to be returned; like the shoes you thought fit you in the shoe store, but didn’t when you got home, the sweater you borrowed from a friend, or overdue library books.

Take the errand box with you each morning and see what you can take care of that day. Just remember to bring the box back inside when you return home to remind yourself to complete distributing those things that still need doing, and/or to add more things to the box.

Let me know how this new system works for you. What items are you putting into you errand box?

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