Are You the Cause of Your Own Disorganization?

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Four years ago I wrote a post for my Clutter Clearer Coach website on some of the reasons that account for my own, and other’s disorganization. When not in the field with organizing clients or doing gardening for clients, I work from home on my business paper work, invoices, marketing and blog. It’s interesting how I followed my own advice for quite a while, and now this many years later, when at my computer desk, I check my emails, Facebook page and too often, almost as often as I did four years ago.

So, I commit myself again to only checking my emails a few times each day instead of every fifteen or twenty minutes when I am at my desk. I know by doing so, I will have more time to spend doing other things such as relaxing with a mug of tea, taking care of my own garden, and doing yoga and meditating.

Do you find that you are addicted to looking at your emails, Facebook page, on-line news, podcasts and videos? How often do you check your smartphone, iPad, or computer for the latest messages from friends, list serves, and cute cat or other animal videos on your Facebook page?  I’m thinking often.

Here are some of the most common causes of disorganization:

– Losing things (like keys, eyeglasses)
– Checking email and Facebook frequently
– Spending too much time talking on the phone
– Not having a daily/weekly plan to follow
– Ignoring the clutter because you are too busy

Here are some solutions that will save you time, and keep you more organized:

– Use an in-basket/bowl in a central place for keys, glasses, cell phone, etc..(it’s nice to find them in the same location all the time)
– Schedule several times a day to check email and Facebook (it’s not going anywhere)
– Limit the time you talk on the phone (use a kitchen timer, and get to the point)
– Schedule your to-do’s and appointments in your calendar (to stay on track)
– Designate short blocks of time to get organized (like 1 hour, once per week)

Try putting these solutions to the test, and you’ll notice that you are more organized and have more time!  I’d love to know how following these steps changes your life.

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