Switch Over from Summer to Winter Wardrobe

Spring clothes in laundry basket      Spring clothes in plastic container

It’s that time of year again – summer’s over; fall just began, and it’s almost time to bring out your winter clothes!  But, is procrastination your middle name?

Before I moved a year ago, it took me awhile to sort through my spring, summer and winter clothing. Decisions had to be made about what I would take with me to my new home, and what I would let go of.  You probably know how difficult it can be to make decisions. When I had finally decided, I donated the clothing, scarves, jewelry and other accessories that I didn’t care for anymore, that didn’t look good on me, and that I hadn’t worn in a year to a charity. Then, I separated the spring clothes and accessories from the winter wardrobe and put them in clear plastic containers with snap on lids.

We have busy lives and not a lot of time to get things done. Give yourself a break; don’t beat yourself up if you put off the clothing switch-over. Just make a commitment to set aside enough scheduled time soon to sort and store your clothes, so you will be prepared for cold and snow.

Seven Tips for Clothing Switch-Overs:

1. Discard items that are torn, stained, stretched out, really old. Let go of clothing you haven’t worn for a year, because you will most likely never wear it. Donate the clothes you don’t want that are in good shape, or not in style any more.

2. If you have lost weight during the past year, and have bought new smaller sized clothing, don’t hold onto the bigger sizes. Letting go of those larger sizes gives you incentive to keep the weight off.

3. If any of your clothing needs to be washed or dry cleaned, do this before putting it in storage. Dirt or odors can affect clean clothing that is packed away.

4.  Pack silks, wool, and leather fabrics (protein-type) together in containers such as canvas or mesh which allow access to some air flow to prevent cracking or drying out. Pack fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon (plant-type) separately.

5. Pack clothing in tightly covered plastic storage containers, Spacebags, or waterproof hanging zip-up-bags to protect them from moisture, mildew, mold and moths. If possible, put these containers in a cool dry place such as a closet, under a bed, or up in the attic

6.  When switching over, use your winter clothing storage containers to hold the spring/summer things. A good way to save money!

7. Have a family member, or good friend help you make the switch. Make the switch into a fun task and not a chore.

Follow these helpful tips for a successful seasonal clothing switch-over.

And, let me and my blog followers know any switch-over tips you have to share!

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