30 Things to Get Rid of when the Stay-at-Home Advisory is Suspended

Scrap metal
Old hinges for scrap metal recycling

It can be really difficult to let go of things.

Particularly now as MA, Governor Baker issued a statewide stay-at-home advisory on March 23, 2020 due to the Corona virus emergency. 

Drop-off centers such as the Salvation Army and Good Will will be closed until further notice due to this emergency, and have also discontinued all donation pickup services at this time.

But, don’t let this keep you from going through your things and de-cluttering, even if it’s difficult to do so. While staying at home, you can use your time to gather donations and hold on to them in a designated area in your home, at least for a few more weeks.

But you still say; I might read that book someday, I might wear that
dress someday, I might need that item someday.
You know what? You probably will never wear that dress,
read that book, or use that item again. So be realistic,
and collect stuff to give or throw away that you don’t use anymore.

Here are 30 item categories to let go of: 

  1. Single socks with no mate, or holes in them (use as a dust rag, drink cozy or dog toy)
  2. Pens, markers, highlighters with expired ink (recycle at Staples, or send to Crayola)
  3. Last years magazines that take up space (recycle)
  4. Checks to accounts you no longer have (shred)
  5. Shoes that are worn out, or don’t fit (throw out or donate)
  6. Clothing you haven’t worn in the past year or more (donate)
  7. Makeup that’s expired or you don’t use anymore (throw out)
  8. Rusty tools and broken outdoor garden gear (recycle as scrap metal, throw out or donate)
  9. Toys kids have outgrown (donate)
  10. Metal screws, nails and hinges (recycle as scrap metal or donate)
  11. Last years pay stubs (shred if you’ve completed last years taxes)
  12. Old cables and chargers; e-waste (re-purpose, Best Buy, STEM programs – Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery)
  13. Single earrings and necklaces with broken clasps (throw out or re-purpose in a craft project)
  14. Jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces (use in craft projects, send to PuzzleWarehouse.com)
  15. Old schoolbooks (donate) and college notebooks (shred or recycle)
  16. Books you know you’ll never read (donate)
  17. Expired medications (drop off at drug relocation site) 
  18. Broken camping or sports equipment (repair, donate to youth programs, or throw out)
  19. Storage containers without lids (give away or reuse without lids)
  20. Greeting cards from years ago (recycle or shred)
  21. Hotel amenities you take home; shampoo and conditioners (donate if current and unopened)
  22. Unfinished projects’ craft supplies (donate or discard)
  23. Clean, but old or torn towels, wash clothes, blankets (donate to animal clinics/shelters)
  24. Old, dirty or worn out canvas and reusable bags (wash if still usable, throw away)
  25. Or, all those extra paper or plastic bags you hold on to (recycle or donate)
  26. Old prescription eyeglasses (bring to LensCrafters or Target Optical; they’ll send them to onesight.org)
  27. Cookbooks you don’t use anymore (donate)
  28. Expired coupons (recycle)
  29. Stained old bed pillows and pillowcases (throw away)
  30. User manuals to defunct appliances (recycle)

There are many more things you can throw out,
donate or sell.
Decide what you want to keep,
and when it is safe to do so, donate and/or sell what you can. Having less stuff makes it
easier to be and stay organized!

I’d love to know what other things you can let go of, and where in your home you will store them temporarily!

If you live in the Boston area, and would like a
FREE 1/2 hour telephone consultation to discuss your
clutter issues,
contact Judy at: [email protected]

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