Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Thanksgiving will be here soon.
So, it’s time to organize your kitchen pantry.
wild turkeys
This year will most likely be different.

Sadly, many of us will not be celebrating traditionally with friends and family across the country. Due to the rise in Covid 19 cases, it will be safer to stay at home.

But, to make holiday meal preparation easy, it’s a good idea to organize your kitchen pantry. Most importantly, doing so will help save you preparation time in the kitchen. Ease up on any stress you may be feeling.

Pantry items

Here are some helpful tips:

• Firstly, start with a clean pantry by wiping counters and sweeping the floor.

• Secondly, take like items from the pantry shelves and place them on a counter or table.

• Check the ‘sell by’ dates and discard any things that have expired.

• And, wipe the pantry shelves clean. There’s bound to be dust/dirt where the items did not cover the shelves.

• Then, sort goods into categories like you’d find in a super market (baking supplies, cereals, canned goods, pastas, etc….)

• After that, put the tallest items at the back of the shelves for easy access.

• Things you use frequently should be placed at eye level.

• Keep loose foods such as onions, garlic cloves and potatoes in bins or baskets.

• To save time, keep baking supplies (Flour, sugar, baking soda) together.

• Use mason jars or clear glass containers with tight seals if you buy in bulk. These will keep out grain moths! Be sure to label the containers with ‘use by’ date or date of purchase.

IN conclusion, give these tips a try, and you’ll notice that preparing the Thanksgiving meal, or any other meal will be faster and more relaxing.

Let me know if these tips help you organize your kitchen pantry. Do you have additional methods for doing this?


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