Switching Summer Clothing to Winter Wear

Switching Summer Clothing to Winter Wear; it’s that time!
Image of containers for Switching Summer Clothing to Winter Wear
Switching Summer Clothing to Winter Wear

Sometime in the fall is when I go through my closet  switching summer clothing to winter wear.

For me, and I’m sure for some of you, knowing when to do this can be frustrating because the temperature fluctuates so much. This is known as ‘Indian Summer’ in New England. It may be 45 degrees in the AM, and by noon  it has reached 68 degrees.

However, I decided this year to do the switch in the middle of October. Any day now we could get a freeze.

While working on the process of switching summer clothing to winter wear , I try on clothes and wearable accessories. Usually, some of these items are ready to give away or throw away which frees up space in my closet (getting rid of clothing clutter).

Firstly, I roll up the items of clothing I’m keeping in a cylindrical way so they don’t crease while stored. Then, I put most of my rolled up spring and summer clothing into covered plastic storage containers for dry basement storage. But, I hold back a few short sleeve shirts until it’s really too cold to wear them.

Following this same process, I sort through my winter clothing.  Winter coats go in the coat closet. Once the real cold sets in, those few pieces of summer clothing I’d held out, get put into the basement containers.

NOTE: In addition, if you don’t have a dry attic or separate closet to keep the change of season clothing containers, and only have a damp basement space, be sure to store the items in waterproof containers with air tight lids to keep clothing dry.

I’d love to know When and How you take care of switching summer clothing to winter wear.

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