Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

More Tips to avoid holiday stress: trunk neatly organized with gift wrap & ribbons Tips to avoid holiday stress:  Trunk neatly organized with gift wrap & ribbons

TIPS to Avoid Holiday Stress:
1. Firstly, to avoid holiday stress, ask for help from friends, neighbors or family members .

Don’t get organized by yourself, unless you either want to, or have to.

2. Secondly, don’t wait until the last minute. Plan and complete your errands and chores early so you can be relaxed and enjoy the holidays. Accomplish just a few things each day so you don’t get overwhelmed.

3.  And, schedule chunks of time in advance for tasks. Enter them into your calendar, be it digital or paper, so you don’t forget. If digital, plug in audio reminders.

4. Make your lists and check them twice!  Ask friends and family for a list of gifts they want. Make your own lists; household chores;  decorations, menus, budget, etc. And, decide ahead of time where to purchase everything.

5. You don’t have to do it all! If you are very busy and have limited time to do everything, check over your list and eliminate items and tasks that are not essential.

6. In addition, avoid the crowds. Go shopping and to the post office during hours (not weekends) when there won’t be crowds.

7. Don’t over-clean your home. Clean only the areas that are public to guests who come over; the kitchen, living room, bathroom and dining room. Hire someone to do the cleaning, or have a friend or family member help you.

8. Clear the clutter in these public rooms; including the front entry hall. Especially, the entry to your home, as it shouldn’t be a safety hazard for you and guests entering through the door.

9. Re-use decorations and gift wrap materials from the previous year. Buy new décor for the holidays at the end of December and beginning of January each year to save money as these items go on sale, sometimes 1/2 price. Pack up left overs and reuse next year.

10. Above all, ask for help after the holidays are over. Invite friends or family over to help clean, take decorations down and pack them in air tight plastic containers. Make it fun for everyone, and provide yummy snacks to eat. 

In conclusion, let me know how my post on ‘Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress’ helps your holiday organizing.


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