Meditation Calms the Mind

Meditation Calms the Mind so, during this Covid-19 pandemic, take some time to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

Meditation Stones


In other words, take some time to quiet your mind and be in the moment.

A mind cluttered with worried and fearful thoughts because of things outside of ourselves, plus being emotionally overwhelmed due to a cluttered home or office definitely needs some quieting relief.

Are your days filled with busy schedules, work and family demands, to-do lists, digital and social media, and other distractions? Consequently, cramming your mind with too many things to do, too many thoughts to think, and too many things to hear and respond to?

Likewise, I get caught in this ‘cluttered mind’ trap too. But, I have found a solution that helps (even if temporarily) quiet my thoughts.

Meditation calms the mind.

But, by researching the subject of meditation on-line, you will find virtual meditation and yoga classes that you can participate in from your own home. If you are a senior, various senior centers are offering virtual classes via Zoom.

However, you can simply take time each day to sit quietly on your own, perhaps listen to soothing music, and choose to let go of your ‘mind clutter’.

If you haven’t meditated before, begin by sitting quietly for one minute.

Firstly, take some slow deep breaths in and out. Listen to your breathing, listen to the sounds around you, and feel the air on your skin. Even this short amount of time can bring you into the moment, free of ‘mind clutter’. Subsequently, as you continue to meditate, you will be able to sit quietly for longer stretches of time. Meditation calms the mind.

Try meditating to the on-line App, ‘Insight Timer’.

People from all over the world listen to the numerous musical and guided meditations of their choice via this site. Almost every morning, I listen to a 10 to 15 minute ‘Insight Timer’ meditation that helps me relax and feel calm.

Do you have a meditation practice?

In conclusion, if you haven’t yet meditated, I highly recommend you give it a try using any method you find works best for you. My blog readers and I would love to hear how meditating helps you clear your mind.


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