January; “Clean Out Your Clothes Closets Month’

Not only is January known for making New Years resolutions, but it is also the designated month to ‘Clean Out Your Clothes Closets’.

Is your closet a jumble of clothes, shoes and accessories that are hanging disorganized on clothing rods, and also piled on the closet floor? Use the month of January to ‘clean out your clothes closets’.

Clean out your clothes closets Clean out your clothes closets – Color code your hanging clothes

Try the following suggestions for organizing your clothes closet: 

• Before you begin this process, gather large bags or cardboard boxes, grocery sized bags, and clear lidded plastic containers for extra clothes you’ll be storing or giving away.

• After that, pull 1/2 of your clothes out of the closet, and put them on a bed or large surface. Sort these items into separate categories; dresses, pants, blouses, sweaters, shoes, scarves, etc….

• In the same vein, after sorting these, follow the same procedure with the rest of what’s in the closet.

• Allow at least several hours to do these tasks.

• Most importantly, pick up one sorted item at a time and ask yourself if you love it, need it, dislike it, or don’t need it. Items that don’t fit any more, that you don’t love or need can be donated.

• If you haven’t worn any clothes in a year, certainly give them away. (this can be a difficult decision, but be realistic). You probably won’t wear them. Torn clothing can be donated as rags for charity.

• However, before putting items back in the closet, clean it using a vacuum and cleaning products.

• After that, hang up the ‘keepers’ in the closet. Put only one season of clothing in your closet and store the other season’s clothing elsewhere. 

More suggestions to organize your clothing closet:

• Don’t have velvet style hangers?  Buy some. These are inexpensive, and clothing will not slip off them. They can be purchased at any store that sells household items.

Clean out your clothes closets; velvet hanger keeps clothes from slipping offOrganize your clothing closet – Clothes don’t slide off of velvet clothing hangers  

• So, using your new velvet hangers, I recommend arranging all clothing in the closet in a color coded fashion. Kind of like a full spectrum rainbow.

• I hang turquoise clothing on the left, followed by oranges, reds, light blues, purples and dark blues. Then black, grey’s and white clothing. Or, display them in categories via color.

• Wishing you had a closet organizer unit? Just buy one. There are over the door closet organizers for shoes or scarves. And containers or cubes that stack.

Hanging shoe holder Clean out your closets; Hanging shoe holders work great!

Use covered plastic containers to store clothing  Use covered plastic containers to store clothing.

• Stack certain categories of clothing such as sweaters, gym sweats, or jeans on your closet shelves if not in the dresser. 

• In addition, hang just one outfit for the next day on the hook or knob outside your closet door.

• Put all clothes and accessories back where they belong at the end of the day. Not on the floor or chair!

• In conclusion, keep a small bench or step stool near your closet for easy access to clothing on high shelves.

As January is ‘clean out your clothes closet month’, do this to eliminate chaos and to  locate your clothes more easily; thus simplifying dressing and undressing.


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