Procrastination and Perfectionism

Does Procrastination and Perfectionism get in your way?

If there is clutter in your home or office, or projects you have started and not completed, you may just let procrastination and perfectionism hinder you.

However, it’s actually at odds that a perfectionist would be prone to procrastination; but both of these characteristics go hand-in-hand.

For example, extreme perfectionists only see the goal they have in mind to accomplish, but have such high standards for themselves that they rarely accomplish their goal.

Subsequently, they will sometimes worry so much about doing things incorrectly or imperfectly that they don’t do anything at all. As a result, they become paralyzed with fear of failure.

If you are not a perfectionist, you may tend to procrastinate on certain things anyway. Sometimes, I procrastinate.

Timing; Procrastination and Perfectionism Timing; Procrastination and Perfectionism

During this past month, I have been holding off on purchasing a new watch band. Mine is about to break in two. I can’t remember the watch band size, and don’t want to order the wrong size on line and then have to mail it back. So, I’ll be sorry if I let my procrastination keep me from correcting this situation.

Don’t expect to accomplish doing various tasks or un-cluttering your kitchen, bedroom, etc. in one day.

You will certainly fail if you have such great expectations. Take small steps. Make the decision to accomplish just one small task a day.

For instance, choose one area in a room such as the cluttered kitchen table. You don’t have to clear the entire table at once. Just start.

Begin to deal with your fear of imperfection by clearing off one eighth of the table’s surface at a relaxed pace. Above all, let yourself feel good about the results by telling yourself that accomplishing this feat is enough for now!

In short, one little step accomplished at a time will aid you in decreasing your fears of perfection.


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