Organization; What’s Not Working

Organization; What's Not Working Organization; What’s Not Working

Organization; What’s Not Working? When I talk to my clients about their disorganization issues, I first ask them to answer this question. Answers vary from ‘I’m overwhelmed by my clutter, I can’t find a thing, I’ve no place to put stuff, my files are a mess, I’m embarrassed to invite anyone over, and nothing’s working’.

So, with your own Organization; What’s Not Working?  
Fill in the blanks below, or compose your own statements regarding Decluttering; What’s not working

My clutter ________________

I am unable to________________

There is nowhere to put________________

I can’t__________________

I feel___________________

Then I ask clients what is working for them in their home, their office, and their lives.

Most of my clients are surprised to discover that there are some systems of order they have created that do work for them. Perhaps you wash your dishes consistently, you put your keys in the same spot every day so you can find them, or make your bed most of the time. These systems may seem minimal to you, but they are definitely something for you to acknowledge!



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