Letting Go of Stuff


Letting Go of Stuff - Old blender that still works Letting Go of Stuff – Old blender that still works

There is never a wrong time for Letting Go of Stuff.

Here are some things you can do to free up your space and your life:

1.  Swap Special Treasures 

When my housemate and I lived in Somerville, we’d have a Woman’s Tea and Clothing Swap at our apartment every September. Purpose? For Letting Go of Stuff. Friends and ‘friends of friends’ brought clothing they never wore, that didn’t fit, or that they were tired of to trade with one another. In addition, they also brought books, jewelry, clothing accessories, shoes and hand bags they wanted to let go of. During the swap, it was great fun to have tea with girlfriends and to meet new women. And, to bring home clothing and new treasures (not too much stuff) that once belonged to someone else!  Most importantly, at the end of the swap, my housemate brought at least 10 large plastic bags full of leftover clothes and accessories to Second Chances, a woman’s clothing donation center in Somerville.  https://www.secondchances.org/donateclothing.html

2.  Recycle Magazines and Catalogs 

Sort through old magazines, and catalogs and put them in your recycle bin. Doctor’s and dentist’s offices have gladly taken magazines for their waiting rooms. (However, as long as this Covid-19 pandemic continues, they will not recycle your magazines.)

3. Recycle extra books 

Thin out some of those books that are filling your shelves or are stacked on the floor. More Than Words is a nonprofit enterprise that empowers young adults who are in the foster care system, court-involved, homeless, or out of school to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a running a business such as More Than Words. (Drop off donations outside their Waltham location, or in one of the local donation containers. PS – they also take clothing) [email protected]  Purpose? For Letting Go of Stuff.

4.  Donate small household items  

Household items you no longer use could be very beneficial to others. Donate items such as clothing, dishes, pots and pans, kitchen utensils and vases. Other items like electronic gadgets, and videos/DVD’s can be shared with those in need.

5. Donate large household items

When replacing washing machines & clothes dryers, refrigerators, television sets, and other like items still in working order, donate them. Above all, it can be a blessing to a needy family if you give these appliances away. https://www.habitat.org/restores/donate-goods

6.  Let Go of Old Papers

 Purge your file drawers and computer files. Recycle or delete old resources and ideas, plus projects you never pursued. Getting rid of outdated documents makes way for new energy, fresh ideas and new projects.

In conclusion, what other things that you don’t use or need can you donate? Purpose? For Letting Go of Stuff.


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