‘Over Shopping Online’

Over Shopping Online Over Shopping Online via Smartphone
So many people have lost their jobs, and are struggling to stay afloat during this year long Covid-19 Pandemic. 
Having little or no income they are resorting to ‘Over Shopping Online‘ and charging up their credit cards. However, if you are a hoarder, chronically disorganized, or a compulsive shopper you do this type of buying anyway.
But, a lot of other people have kept their jobs and are working from home, earning the same income, and rarely going out.

Numerous folks who still have a steady income are ‘Over Shopping Online‘. With a lack of social contact and fewer outside activities they may be bored and need a distraction. For example, they might say “I have all this time,” “I’ve not much to do aside from work.” Let’s refer to this as Emotional Shopping.

It’s how you feel in the moment. 

This kind of ‘Over Shopping Online’ gives one a sense of control or a happy feeling from the brief rush of dopamine your brain delivers. When you buy something online, receiving a package containing that item of clothing or a new kitchen gadget may be the highlight of your day. This happy emotion doesn’t last. You may even feel guilty having spent all that money you may not have on things you don’t really need. And, guilt is not a pleasant feeling.

Subsequently, people are buying too many items online because they are online more than ever now.

Sometimes most of the day. Plus, social media ads pop up on your computer screen endlessly! If you search online for a pair of slippers, adds pop up on the screen via various companies selling slippers to coax you into buying their product. Companies want you to spend; quickly and impulsively. ‘Everything about e-commerce is designed to make things easier and quicker’.

TIPS to Ease up on ‘Over Shopping Online’

1. Spend in a purposeful way. You’ll be more aware of your true needs versus your desires.

2. Make a budget and stick to it. Decide how much you’ll allocate for discretionary spending and commit to it.

3. Keep a list of everything you need and also would like to buy. If you stay within your budget that month, make a conscious purchase (not an impulsive one) of just one item you’d love to have. However, don’t overspend.

4. Wait 24 hours before you make that instant gratification purchase. Or, better yet, wait at least a week.

5. Instead of ‘Over Shopping Online’, take a walk outdoors, cook a nice meal, zoom with a friend or family member. Or, any other activity you enjoy doing.

In conclusion: Are you ‘Over Shopping Online? Or, even physically in stores? What are you doing to curb this over shopping? Let me know!


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