Letting Go of Clutter via VIRTUAL ORGANIZING

During this Covid 19 Pandemic, a number of professional organizers were not offering on-site organizing sessions to clients. Things are changing a bit now. With 50% of the U.S. population already vaccinated, some organizers are choosing to meet in person with clients. Masks and staying 6 feet apart are still advisable when working indoors along side one another. Other organizers are still conducting virtual organizing.

‘Virtual Organizing’ is a collaborative process between a professional organizer and client via FaceTime or Zoom to help you let go of your clutter and get organized. You receive the same guidance and support you’d get if we were working side-by-side.

Virtual organizing session with client

Zoom client sorting documents
As the client, you would focus your phone or computer screen on the areas or items you’d like the organizer to help you with. (always kept confidential)
The organizing session will be dealt with pretty much like an in person session. You’ll hold up an item, let me know if you love it, need it, or are ready to let it go. As you sort through your things, you will place them in designated bags or boxes for distribution either within your home, or to sell or give away.

As in on-site organizing, it’s best to schedule more than one session. Virtual Organizing sessions vary from 60 to 120 minutes in length.

Virtual Organizing PERKS:

  • Firstly, a plan of action, and a maintenance plan will be provided
  • Cost savings: Fewer hours virtually than on-site help – 1 to 2 hour sessions
  • By doing the work yourself, you will cultivate new long-lasting habits
  • Guidance from me on decisions you need to make (you make final decisions)
  • Support and accountability from me so you reach your goals (also between sessions via emails)
  • In addition, resources will be recommended for recycling and donations

Virtual organizing can be a new experience for you, and even fun! In conclusion, if you would like a free ½ hour consultation to discuss your de-cluttering needs, and the possibility of working virtually, let me know.

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