Organizing the Never Ending Paper Chase

Never ending paper chase Never Ending Paper Chase
Even though we are living in the digital age, so many of us are still burying ourselves in paper. 

While technology has been a help, it is still a never ending paper chase, isn’t it?

Our homes get filled with catalogues, magazines, junk mail, bills, and mail solicitations.

Images of home interiors in magazines can be inspiring, but if you keep magazines in piles or boxes for years and years, you will never have a home like those that are inspirational. Be realistic and create a file where you can store pictures and articles that mean a lot to you. And really, please limit this folder to the most current documents or ones you know you will review periodically.

Monthly bills and other important papers should get separated from the rest of your papers.

Bills can disappear in the chaotic piles resulting in missed monthly payments. If you are trusting, paying your bills online via bank transfer will eliminate late payment fees. All these types of documents need to be filed in orderly categories in a file folder container, or file cabinet.

Junk mail creates lots of clutter, so the paper chase doesn’t end.

To alleviate this dilema, put these papers in an attractive basket or box to keep the junk mail in one location. Once every week or two, (the container should fill up quickly) go through this mail and purge.

For some of you, letting go of saved articles, recipes and magazines can be very painful. Maybe you feel that you will lose a part of yourself by giving them away or recycling them. Just think about the benefit others will get if you donate them to a charity, doctor’s office or organization that could use them.

It is easier to take  care of a small pile of paper than a mountain of it. By ignoring these papers, you will not make them mysteriously disappear. Figure out a way to keep them organized and in their proper place and terminate the Never Ending Paper Chase.

You may need to contact a professional organizer to help you sort through your mountains of paper, and reorganize your filing system. There is nothing wrong with backsliding occasionally. And a non-judgmental helping hand could help free you from this never ending paper chase.


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